New center to facilitate visually impaired to use ICT launched

On 4 December 2017 at 04:42

A new center that will facilitate people with visual impairment to use ICT has been launched in Niboye sector of Kicukiro District.

The center that will teach visual and speech impaired people to use computers was launched on Sunday during the celebration of international day of people with disabilities.

The only of its kind in Kigali, the construction of the center was funded by Kicukiro District and is now equipped with computers that have programmes friendly for the visually impaired people.

People with visual impairment welcomed the center saying that it will help them compete on the job market like others.

“We are happy to receive this ICT center because it will help us to compete on the job market. Nowadays, computers are essential in our daily lives,” said Anise Byukusenge.

She added that they used to have computers which don’t have programmes for people with disabilities.

The representative of people with Disabilities in Kicukiro District, Dominic Bizimana said that the center will help different people with disabilities raise their potentials and competencies.

“Some people already know how to use computers and others don’t. So this center will help all individuals based on their needs,” he said.

He urged people with disabilities to use given opportunities for them to be able to develop their capacities and ICT based development.