New houses for genocide survivors houses on the verge of collapse

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On 10 October 2016 saa 06:19
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Survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Bushenge sector in Nyamasheke district have expressed worry over their dilapidated houses that are yet to be renovated.

The houses in question are 18 among the 55 built for genocide survivors in Nyamasheke district in 2013 by Inkeragutabara (Reserve Forces). Beneficiaries who talked to IGIHE lament that the house walls are weak with debris at times plucking off putting their lives in danger.

“ My house has been severely destroyed. I live on one side of it yet I have no financial means to renovate it,”said Mukagasana Fausta.

“The plaster on walls of our houses was sub-standard at it exfoliates of. When earthquake hits, we get worried of possible destruction, “said Mariana Bungwanubusa.

Bagirishya Jean Marie Vianney, the representative of IBUKA in Nyamasheke district explains that the houses were sub-standard.

“ Some houses built for genocide survivors in Bushenge sector were destroyed immediately after being handed to beneficiaries. We notified the district and Reserve Forces (Ikeragutabara), they promised to renovate them but didn’t do it up to now,” he said.

The executive secretary of Nymasheke district, Pierre Celestin Habiyaremye says that they are holding talks with management of Reserve Forces to seek ways of renovating them.

“They walls were plastered before basic construction activities were completed causing the massive exfoliation. We are holding talks with stakeholders to see whether the houses should be razed or renovated,” he said.

Each of the houses is estimated to have cost Rwf 4, 400,000. The district, however, declined to pay the contractors an amount of Rwf 350 million when the mistake was realized.

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One of dialapidated houses of genocide survivors