New Rwanda King ‘appointed’, rejected

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On 10 January 2017 saa 07:20
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The US court decision of repatriating the body of Rwanda’s monarch King Kigeli V body has sparked anger among some of his relatives and close friends who appointed a new King to replace him.

The body of Kigeli was returned to Rwanda yesterday where it was received by the Minister of Sports and Culture along with relatives of the deceased king.

King Kigeli V died on 16th October 2016 in Virginia State of US where he lived.

As funeral arrangements get underway, the former advisor of King Kigeli V, Boniface Benzinge has released a statement stating that Emmanuel Bushayija has been appointed as a new King inheriting the power of Kigeli V to lead Rwanda.

Bushayija is a son of Theoneste Bushayija descendant of King Yuhi V Musinga. He was born in Rwanda in 1960 and currently lives in England.

Benzinge explained that the successor of the King is announced by (Abiru) people who kept secrets of the kingdom and chaired all ceremonies held at the King’s palace (scribes) during funeral ceremonies. However Kigeli’s scribes have announced that the late King Kigeli V has to be replaced by Emmanuel Bushayija to who Kigeli was uncle. The statement states that ceremonies of crowning Bushayija on the throne will follow and be held following Rwanda traditions where the later will take the throne’s name ‘Yuhi V’.

Bushayija was against late King Kigeli’s burial in Rwanda

As both relatives of Kigeli V in US and in Rwanda were in negotiations of where last funerals would be arranged, Emmanuel Bushayija, 56, with 2 children was among people supporting that Kigeli should be buried abroad. He attributed the support against Kigeli’s burial in Rwanda to the fact that Rwanda was unwilling to allow Kigeli V return as a king rather as a private citizen.

Benzige has told BBC that more ceremonies will follow the crowning of the King’s successor because they didn’t consent with what happened.

When asked where the crowned king will operate and how he will work, Benzige said “It will be announced later. Identifying the King’s successor was the initial step.”

Pastor Mpyisi said ‘I don’t know whether a secretary appoints a King’
Since 1378 at the throne of Kigeli I Mukobanya until the kingdom of Kigeli V Ndahindurwa in 1961, the genealogy of kings indicates that their names would be changed from Kigeli who would be replaced by Mibambwe, Yuhi replaced by Mutara while the next king following Yuhi had to be called Cyilima.

Following this genealogy, scribes never replaced Kigeli with Yuhi which means that the successor of King Kigeli V should be named Mibambwe.

Pastor Ezra Mpyisi who lived with King Kigeli V has said that he would act as a mediator of King Kigeli V relatives who had split into groups following failure in negotiations of where the king should be buried.

In an interview with IGIHE, Pastor Mpyisi has said that a king would be crowned by ‘Abiru’ adding that he doesn’t understand why people who lived with Kigeli V Ndahindurwa are called Abiru.

“A king not crowned by Rwandans rather an act decided by two persons overseas? These persons are not Abiru. How can they crown a king? Will the appointed person be a King of two individuals?” he said.

Pastor Mpyisi explained that arrangements for the last funeral rights of King Kigeli V are underway.

“Benzinge was a secretary of King Kigeli. I don’t know whether a secretary appoints a king,” said Mpyisi.

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Pastor Ezra Mpyisi lived with King Kigeli V