Ngoma Imams requested to fight radicalism

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On 23 July 2017 saa 02:28
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The Mayor of Ngoma District, Nambaje Aphrodis has called on Islamic Imams to raise awareness and sensitize residents about crime prevention and avoid indulgence in radicalism.

Mayor Nambaje made the call during a meeting about fighting crime that attracted police, district officials and the Islamic leaders of 30 mosques in Ngoma.

“Your role is essential, as leaders of the masses you teach you should tell your congregants that crimes negatively impact national development,” he advised.

“It is not the responsibility of institution x; every leader must understand that it is his responsibility to prevent anything that causes a crime. Your role in crime prevention is vital." Nambaje said.

The Police Liaison officer between Rwanda Police and civilians, and other departments in Ngoma District responsible for Police Operations in the District, Inspector of Police (IP) Roger Rwakayiro told the Imams that security is a fundamental pillar for sustainable development; as such, he requested them to make their contribution through mobilization of others to take preventive measures to fight crimes.

He requested them to share information in time about anything that is suspicious so that the responsible agencies take preventive action.

The Interim Mufti of Ngoma District, Katano Yassin said, “The meeting was very useful, it enabled us to understand fully our role as a religion, to enforce security, and we will always be doing it."