Ngororero: Police caution motorists over breach of traffic rules

Published by Police
On 2 January 2017 saa 10:07
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Drivers and motorcyclists in Ngororero District have been reminded of their individual role in ensuring road safety by respecting traffic rules and regulations.

While addressing the motorists recently, the District Police Commander, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Mark Gasangwa, said that most accidents are preventable if they respect road safety standards.

“Some of you have dangerous habits of overtaking in sharp corners, speeding, reckless maneuvers and driving under the influence of alcohol, which are some of the causes of fatal accidents,” he said, appealing to them to do away with such misconduct.

He said that the police will remain alert at all times in curbing road carnage.

“To avoid being caught by the law and save lives, drive responsibly bearing in mind that there are other people using the road; people you are transporting entrust their lives in your hands…value them,” he said.

He also warned against tendencies of signaling each other the whereabouts of police posts, which he said it influences speeding which results into accidents.

Most accidents on highways apparently occur after drivers bypass the traffic spots.

The DPC also urged them to be vigilant not to facilitate criminality especially drug dealers, who use public transport means to traffic narcotic drugs from one place to another.