Niyitegeka replaces late Mukayisenga in parliament

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On 23 June 2017 saa 11:55
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The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has announced Niyitegeka Winifride as the appointed eMember of Parliament to replace Mukayisenga Françoise who passed on recently.

The statement signed by NEC Chairman,Prof Kalisa Mbanda saying that basing on the constitution and the law regulating elections ‘NEC informs Rwandans that Niyitegeka Winifride holding the 50th position on the list of parliamentary candidates of RPF Inkotanyi will replace late Mukayisenga Françoise in the lower chamber of parliament.’

NEC says they approved the new MP after receiving a letter from RPF requesting the replacement of late MP Mukayisenga from RPF Inkotanyi.

Mukayisenga died on 12th June 2017 at Kanombe Military Hospital.

Articles 77 and 78 of the constitution state that a Member of Parliament who passes on while still serving his mandate is replaced in accordance with the provisions of the electoral law.

Article 106 of the law indicates that the speaker of parliament has to inform NEC in not later than 10 days when a member leaves for various reasons to have he/she replaced.

The replacement has to respect the sequence of candidates’ voter score on the previous voters’ list.

NEC is also supposed to announce the successor in not more than 7 days after the replacement request from the speaker of parliament.

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Late Mukayisenga died on 12th June 2017 at Kanombe Military Hospital.