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Nkombo Island lack of safe water exposes residents to disease risks
Published on 21-07-2016 - at 11:04' by Théophile Niyitegeka

Residents of Nkombo Island have lamented over lack of safe water with no adequate public water taps and residents consume Lake Kivu water, leaving them susceptible to poor hygiene related diseases.

Talking to IGIHE, Nkombo resident Nyabyenda Jean de Dieu said; “ It is hard for a resident to access safe water as most of the water points are distant. We have only one borehole in our cell .So, we are forced to use Lake Kivu water as there is no other choice.”

Nyiranzayisaba Rosette, another Nkombo resident has explained that they prefer fetching Kivu water to avoid the usually crowded and chaotic borehole.

“When you find many people at the borehole after walking a long distance of two hours, it discourages a person to return to the borehole. ,”she said.

The Nkombosector official in charge of land, demography and infrastructure, Nizeyimana Fontaine has said that the problem of water will be resolved soon under the project of WASAC aimed at purifying water to be availed in four of five cells of Nkombo sector.

“Every cell is inhabited by about 3000 people with only two boreholes.It understandable that they face water shortage but we are seeking a solution.A plant to clean water extracted from the ground is being built, which, on completion will distribute water to a reservoir,” she said.

She explained that the project was initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and is being executed by WASAC and expected to be completed in September 2016 and will see the number of citizens accessing safe water rise to 60%.

Nkombo sector is comprised of five cells inhabited by more than 17,000 people.



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