No enemy can dare us, says President Kagame

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On 14 July 2017 saa 02:30
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President Kagame has said that Rwanda has enough capability to ensure its security from any menace, regardless of the magnitude.

The head of state emphasized that the country is building its capacity, thus there is no anyone who can penetrate it, and who ever can try will encounter untold wrath.

The President said this on 13 July2017, while closing Itorero Indangamirwa on its 10th intake.

It started on 12 June 2017, with 523 youths; among these boys were 375, whereas girls were 148.

Participants learnt different lessons including military drills, whereby some of them concluded vowing to join the Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF).
The Chairman of the Itorero, Boniface Rucagu said that 107 came from 17 countries include 229 in Rwanda who have successfully passed national examination, and 187 had earlier on passed through other intakes.

The Head of State told the youth that Rwanda has enough capability, which enables it to be impenetrable.

He said, “apparently the state of our country we have a lot to apply, in order to achieve our objective. We have resources, we have the will, and we have the history which taught us a lesson. Isn’t it? There isn’t any way the history we encountered, which were not good can be a waste to us.”

“We build on that history, and use it thereby rendering us capability. The capability we have now you are in the process of knowing it, as well as increasing it, but we have it”

“The capability is available there isn’t any enemy who can penetrate us it is impossible if anyone happens to drag us into problems he can experience our wrath.”

He said that the hullaballoo you hear of verbal wars, we don’t know how to fight it.
The other guys are verbal, if it is helpful to them we will be seeing, however, we are interested in rebuilding ourselves, constructing our country without provoking anyone, we never import any intrigues to anyone, we don’t inconvenience any one.”