No ghost political parties in Rwanda- Prof Shyaka

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 15 November 2016 saa 12:09
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The CEO of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), Prof Shyaka Anastase has said that all political parties in Rwanda have value and can’t be prohibited from participating in next year’s presidential elections.

Prof. Shyaka who was appearing on a radio talk show on Radio Rwanda denied that there are weak political parties in Rwanda that are politically inert and working behind powerful political parties.

“How can ghost political parties exist in Rwanda? It would be dishonest to ask Rwandans whether there is a ghost political party in the country,” he said.

He however explained that political parties do not have equal influence and strength.
“You can’t call a political party is represented in parliament a ghost institution. What is the basis of calling it ghost? Even when the political party is not represented in parliament but shares ideas, why would you call it ghost?” he wondered.

Commenting on the environment of political space in Rwanda, the executive secretary of the National Consultative NFPO of Political Organizations (NFPO), Burasanzwe Oswald said that political parties in Rwanda have freedom.

“Every political party has freedom and constitutionally allowed field candidates which they will in upcoming elections, set own political framework, goals and manifesto,” he said.

Prof Shyaka said that only political parties registered with RGB are eligible to operate in Rwanda.

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The CEO of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), Prof Shyaka Anastase