No shortcuts to acquire a driver’s license as aspiring driver is arrested for attempted bribery

Published by Police
On 12 February 2017 saa 12:46
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An aspiring driver has been arrested in Remera, Gasabo District for allegedly attempting to bribe a police officer after failing the driver’s license test.

Chief Inspect of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kabanda, the traffic and road safety spokesperson, said that

Hakizimana Munyarugamba, who was looking for category A, tried to offer a bribe of Rwf100, 000 to the supervising officer after failing the tests as means to add him on the list of those who passed.

“The suspect after getting information that he fell short of the pass mark, he resorted to entice the officer with the money, who immediately arrested him,” said CIP Kabanda.

He asked members of the public to refrain from any temptation to corrupt law enforcement officers or any other leader “because they will be arrested and prosecuted for the crime.”

He said: “Rwanda National Police endeavors to be a corrupt free institution and acts of bribery and corruption in general and given due attention in fighting it as a high impact crime.”

“Police have put in place clear process for accessing public services; it has been made easier and timely to acquire a driver’s license but also strengthened measures against such malpractices, ” he said.

He cited the recent high-tech traffic management systems as one of the measures to further reduce human contacts and wondered why the public is still interested in using underhand methods.

CIP Kabanda, hailed the conduct of the police officer for exhibiting the police values.

He said RNP is founded on a very strong ideological foundation guided by top leadership to spearhead the national policy against corruption.

“This is also emphasized in RNP training programme to refrain taking bribes and fight all acts of graft without favour.”

He advised all aspiring drivers to thoroughly learn driving as they must fulfill the requirements, adding that "no shortcuts will be entertained.”

“What is Rwf 100, 000 compared to allowing someone a permit to kill people on roads”, he wondered?

He also said that police has established proper channels where members of the public can seek redress in case they are not satisfied with the verdict of the examining police personnel in case of the driving permits and any other service offered by the institution.