Northern Province Governor emphasizes ‘public ownership’ in crime prevention

Published by Police
On 10 November 2016 saa 01:41
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The Governor of the Northern Province, Jean Claude Musabyimana has rallied the residents not to look at security as one man’s responsibility and be equally custodians of the law and public safety by distancing themselves from unlawful acts and guarding their communities as a team by reporting suspected wrongdoers.

While addressing a community security meeting in Gitagara Sector of Musanze District on November 8, the Governor hinted on the “misconduct” and “irresponsibility” of some residents who defy orders or give safe haven for suspected criminals.

The meeting was also attended by the Regional Police Commander (RPC), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Bertin Mutezintare and Col. Sam Baguma of the 305 infantry brigade.

It followed recent reports of insecurity in Gitagara where some elements allegedly threw stones at passerby.

Governor Musabyimana said that public safety is the responsibility of every Rwandan and no one should look aside when his or her neighbor is facing security challenges.

“We must cooperate with security organs and stand up against anyone who attempts to destabilize our communities. Rwanda is among the most secure countries worldwide and we have to ensure we sustain this status,” he said.

ACP Mutezintare reminded the residents that “laws have no remorse” to anyone who attempts to cause insecurity in any way anywhere.

“We have mechanisms of cooperation through community policing that we should enhance,” he said, citing Irondo – community night patrols – as an ideal factor in public safety.

The security meeting drew strategies on how best residents can contribute and strengthen partnership with security organs to further improve public safety and fend off wrongdoers.