Nun Mukarushya laid to rest

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 22 April 2017 saa 03:25
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Nun Mukarushya Jean Marie Vianney who stood against divisionism and one of pioneers spearheading the development evangelization in Rwanda has been laid to rest. She passed on at age 98.

Mukarushya was member of the congregation on nuns in Rwanda called Abenebikira.

She breathed her last on 14th April 2017.

During her funeral yesterday, Mukarushya was praised for sowing good seeds among members of Abenebikira congregation along with striving for peace and encouraging people to stand against discrimination.

Sister Renatha who spoke on behalf of the congregation of Abenebikira recalled good deeds of late Mukarushya who instilled the spirit of loving one another.

“We had enough conversations before she died. She stood against discrimination calling people to be united and work together. Mukarushya wished all people should be kind and urged Benebikira congregation to never be characterized by racial discrimination. She encouraged them to be honest because they are God’s servants,” she said.

As sister Renatha explained, late Mukarushya had left a testament for people not to mourn his death sunk but rather celebrate her life.

One of her relatives described Mukarushya as kindhearted person, humble who always socialized and strived for togetherness.

Sister Mukarushya is a relative of Jean Sayinzoga, the former Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission chairman who passed away last Sunday and buried on Thursday.

Nun Jean Marie Vianney Mukarushya was born in 1919 in Kansi parish of Butare diocese and received basic sacraments in Save.

She joined nuns congregation of Abenebikira on 8th December 1938 and ordained nun in Save on 22nd April 1940. She took definitive oath on 25th September 1949.

She is the daughter of Regina Nyiranjinjiri and Yohani Petero Kitatira descendant of king Rwabugiri.

The funeral of sister Mukarushya was attended by First Lady Jeannette Kagame, Gen Fred Ibingira, Gen Karenzi Karake, Pastor Ezra Mpyisi, Dr Emile Rwamasirabo, relatives of Senate president Bernard Makuza and various clerics including Bishop Philipe Rukamba, Smaragde Mbonyintege, and Nzakamwita and retired Bishop Habiyambere Alexis.

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Bishop Habiyambere Alexis bidding farewell to late nun Mukarushya.
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Late Mukarushya Jean Marie Vianney
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Catholic Church bishops celebrate the mass before the burial of late nun Mukarushya.

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Pastor Ezra Mpyisi attended the funeral of Late nun Mukarushya.