Nyagatare businessman accused of delaying workers’ payments

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On 2 September 2016 saa 08:11
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Some residents of Nyagatare sector of Nyagatare district says they have worked in a Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) project where they have been attending to gardens and watering plants since March 2016 but have not been paid for the services.

“We have been attending to the gardens since March, planted reeds and watered them but received no payment,” said one resident.

“We are starving and we have recently buried an unpaid co-worker who died of hunger. He used to eat raw vegetables from bushes over lacking food till he died,” said another resident.

The works were supervised by a businessman Higiro Anastase who won the tender of managing RAB agricultural projects in Eastern Province for the entire year.

Higiro explained that he hasn’t paid the workers because RAB has not yet paid him.

The representative of RAB in Eastern Province, Senzige Norbert has, however, said that they have paid the businessman for the months of March and April 2016.

“We have signed contracts with the businessman that he has to pay workers at least three months as he awaits for our payments. We owe him the money of May, June, July and August.We never disrespected contracts but he has to reserve money to pay workers employed as we process his payments,” he said.

The mayor of Nyagatare district, Mupenzi George has told IGIHE that he is not aware of the matter.

“I am not aware of that problem. Give my number to the complainants so that they can contact me to follow up their problem,” he said.

The entrepreneur, Higiro Anastase signed one year contracts with RAB in agricultural research projects.

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Residnets claim to have attended to the gardens since March, planted reeds and watered them but received no payment