Nyagatare farmers decry lack of market access

On 28 November 2017 at 12:41

Maize and vegetables farmers in Kagitumba marshland of Nyagatare District have said that they still face market access challenges which deters their development.

Farmers working in KABOKU cooperative were speaking to the Prime Minister, Dr. Eduard Ngirente yesterday while visiting agro-activities in the district.

The cooperative representative, EdouardMusemakweli said that lack of market for their produce in Rwanda forces them to sell to neighboring Uganda.

“We still have in store soya produce t from last agricultural season. That is why some farmers take their produce in Uganda or sell at very low prices,” he said

Among other challenges farmers raised include, lack of drying grounds which result into post-harvest losses.

Premier Ngirente assured farmers that they will send a group of experts to partner with cooperative members and assess all problems they have as well as finding solutions together.

“We are here to discuss the challenges you face and seek possible ways of addressing them. Solutions cannot be generated instantly but we will partner with institutions concerned to address them” he told farmers.

Speaking about market access problem, Trade and Industry Minister, Vincent Munyeshyaka said that they will connect them to harvesting and maize processing companies.

KABOKU cooperative grows maize and vegetables on the surface of 900 hectares. It is made up with 1083 members. Currently, they produce between six and eight tonnes per season.