Nyagatare: Residents vow to ensure own safety

Published by Police
On 29 December 2016 saa 11:37
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Residents of Nyagatare district have recommitted to own their safety and to enjoy festivities peacefully.

They made the commitment on Wednesday during a police anti-crime awareness held in Kiyombe Sector.

The Police community outreach exercise discussed ways how to tighten community security and maintain law and order in their areas.

Speaking to hundreds of residents, Supt. Beline Mukamana appealed to them to curb lawlessness by reporting all rogue elements to police and local administration for appropriate actions.

“You should not tolerate wrongdoing of any sort. Where police can’t be you are there. The absence of police physical presence shouldn’t mean that criminals can implement their evil ideas. Fighting crimes should be part of your day-to-day responsibilities as well,” she said.

While commending them for the existing partnership in policing, she challenged them to double the spirit even in the coming year.

She, however, outlined drug trafficking and abuse, assault, petty theft, gender-based violence and child abuse as some of the common crimes in Nyagatare that should be given emphasis in fighting them jointly with the police.

Kiyombe is among the six sectors of Nyagatare that have porous borders with neighbouring Uganda.

She further tipped residents of kiyombe on methods used by human and drug traffickers.

She said that although Human trafficking is a rare occurrence in Rwanda, there could be a possibility if people are not vigilant against it.

The executive secretary of Kiyombe Musonera Bongwa said that fighting trafficking and abuse of narcotic drugs is part of their programmes especially to prevent domestic violence associated with it.

During the exercise, the mobile police station was also stationed in Kiyombe where residents filed cases. About ten cases - criminal and civil cases - were filed.