Nyagatare: Youth volunteers commit to fighting injustice

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 11 March 2017 saa 11:39
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The District Police Unit (DPU) of Nyagatare and members of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing (RYVCP) in the district, held a meeting on March 9 and resolved, among others, to strengthen partnership in reporting injustices faced by residents in their communities.

The meeting chaired by the District Police Commander, Chief Supt. Johnson Sesonga, brought together all coordinators of the youth organization in all the 14 sectors of Nyagatare.

With security being the overall focus, the meeting also resolved to ensure timely flow of information, especially on drug dealers; be the voice against unwanted pregnancies especially in schools, gender based violence, and fight the sell and use of plastic bags.

Nyagatare, due to its strategic location coupled with porous borders, is said to be one of the major transit routes for illicit gin like Kanyanga and others like chief waragi, zebra waragi and African gin, all which are also packed in plastic bags.

Chief Supt. Sesonga challenged the youth leaders to “be the voice” of the people who might be facing injustices and at times “feels intimidated, their issues are left unattended or given no attention by those supposed to handle them.”

“The fight against high impact crimes such as gender based violence, trafficking of drugs, child abuse and corruption is a collective responsibility, and as an organized youth, we expect you to hold the flag,” he told the youth.

Currently, there are about 2000 members of youth volunteers in community policing in Nyagatare.