Nyamagabe: Anti-crime clubs tipped on policing

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 12 March 2017 saa 07:56
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Close to one-hundred members of anti-crime clubs in Nyamagabe District were on March 9 sensitized on proper observance of security and given skills on community policing.

The anti-crime clubs operating in Mbazi Sector were also reminded on real information sharing on any threat to security and people’s social wellbeing.

Inspector of Police (IP) Ignace Nuwayo, the District Community Liaison Officer of Nyamagabe, commended them for their role in anti-crime awareness, a voluntary noble act he urged them to double their effort to fight and prevent crimes.

“Through increased anti-crime awareness, it has increase the sense of responsibility among the public, flow of information which have facilitated crime prevention and fighting efforts, arrest of drug dealers and suspected thieves, and recovery of stolen items,” IP Nuwayo said.

He asked them to double their effort in awareness against crimes such as drug abuse, gender based violence, child abuse and corruption.

He told them to encourage residents to always report people they suspect to be involved in unlawful acts in their communities.

“Where information has been shared promptly, police has been able to deter some crimes and minimize the danger this can cause to communities.”

Members also discussed on strengthening night patrols – Irondo – neighbourhood watch and how to effectively participate in other community policing activities.