Nyamagabe mayor, Mugisha suspended

On 20 November 2017 at 05:03

Following last week’s arrest of Nyamagabe District Mayor, Philbert Mugisha and five more officials, the district council has taken a decision to sack him from the job

Speaking to IGIHE, the Chairperson of Nyamagabe District council, Fiacre Ndahindurwa said, on Saturday, they held a meeting where the decision was taken.

"We held a meeting and discussed resources management issues. Our District has been appearing before parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) for two years consecutively over poor management, and then we decided to dismiss him from district council. Being dismissed from the council simply means that he is no longer the mayor, because District mayor comes from district council” Ndahindurwa explained.

He said that a member of the district council should be trustworthy, he said, for Mugisha following charges of suspected involvement in, mismanagement they could not trust him again.

“Among factors that should characterize us include holding Rwandan values. The prime value is patriotism. When a person has defied these values, you can no longer trust him” he added.

The vice-mayor in-charge of economic development will take over in the interim regime as they wait elections for new mayor.

The decision was submitted to the Southern Province leadership which will take last decision in not more than seven days.

Mugisha and five district officials including former District Executive Secretary, Jean Pierre Nshimiyimana were arrested last week over embezzlement and involvement in shoddy tenders.

Nyamagabe mayor, Mugisha suspended