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Nyamasheke farmers cry foul as wild animals ravage gardens
Published on 20-07-2016 - at 07:34' by Théophile Niyitegeka

Residents of Cyato and Rangiro sectors of Nyamasheke district have expressed frustrations over straying wild animals from Nyungwe National Park that graze and destroy their crops yet receive no compensation, leaving them susceptible to famine and hunger.

Chimpanzees and monkeys are among wild animals said to stampede into gardens.

“Such animals graze whatever kind of crops whether maize, bananas or beans among others,” said Christine Ayingeneye.

“The stray animals put us on starvation risk despite our efforts to grow crops,” said Nyiramwiza Ange.

The governor of Western province, Mukandasira Caritas promised advocacy for citizens whose crops are destroyed by animals from the park.

“I am going to advocate for them to stakeholders do that their survival is not threatened. There is no reason why they should not be compensated,” she said.

The manager of Nyungwe Park, Louis Rugerinyange has told IGIHE that damages to gardens caused by monkeys are not compensated since they live out of the park.

“Damages of monkeys are not compensated,” he said.

Previously when parliamentarians visited Rangiro residents they promised advocacy to list monkeys among animals garden destroying animals for which destruction farmers can be compensated.

“ We will advocate for the matter as a usual. We will approach Rwanda Development Board to establish whether the list can be revised,” said parliamentarian, Kabasinga Chantal.

“Because of the structure of the park and the way it has to be preserved, stakeholders consider different alternatives since having animals ravaging citizens’ crops is a serious issue. We will assess it in collaboration with stakeholders” she added.

The compensation for damage caused by wild animals is provided by the government’s Special Guarantee Fund.Compensation is effected when management of the park and police confirm the damages.

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Chimpanzees and monkeys are among wild animals said to stampede into gardens.
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Nyamasheke farmers cry foul as wild animals ravage gardens



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