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Nyamasheke residents walk two hours seeking services that require electricity
Published on 26-07-2016 - at 08:42' by Théophile Niyitegeka

Residents of Nyamugali cell of Shangi sector in Nyamasheke district have lamented over lack of electricity which puts them in a state of isolation as they can’t watch TV and carry out other activities that require electricity.

They have explained that they travel a two-hour distance to reach Nyabitekeri sector connected with electricity to get such simple services as hair cut or watch movies.

“We are worried of the matter. Many cells of Shangi and Bushenge sectors are connected with electricity.Lack of electricity hinders our development,” said Kankindi Josephine, one of Nyamugali residents.

“The lack of electricity affects us negatively in many ways. People close their shops by 17:00 hours which would have been a different case had the area been connected with power. Indeed it is irritating to walk two hours to charge our phones’ batteries,” said another resident Mukeshimana Vestine.

The Rusizi vice mayor in charge of economic affairs, Josue Michael Ntaganira has said that the matter is known and the district is discussing with Rwanda Energy Group (REG) on how to connect electricity in the area.

Rwanda targets 70% of electricity connectivity among Rwandan households by 2018.

Today only 24.3% Rwandans have access to electricity.

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A business center in Nyamugali cell where shops are closed at 17:00 over lacking electricity



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