Nyamurinda Pascal elected Kigali mayor

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On 17 February 2017 saa 07:04
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Nyamurinda Pascal has been elected Kigali City mayor after beating his competitor Umuhiza Aurore with 161 over 35 votes.

The final results have been declared by the president of National Electoral Commission, Prof Kalisa Mbanda.

“Basing on the cast votes, Nyamurinda Pascal has won elections with 161 while Aurore has obtained 35 votes. This means that Nyamurinda Pascal becomes the mayor of Kigali City,” he said.

The elections have taken place in Kigali City Council hall.

Pascal Nyamurinda was the Director General of National Identification Agency (NIDA).
Umuhoza Aurore worked with Soras for 10 years from where he went to work with Sonarwa in human resources department.

The outgoing mayor Mukaruliza Monique was in the seat for 314 days before being appointed Rwanda’s ambassador to Zambia early February.

From 1994 to 2016, Kigali city has been led by six mayors including those who led it when it was a prefecture.

These include Lt Col. (he was major at the time) Rosa Kabuye (1994- 1997), MusoniProtais (1997-1999) , Kabandana Marc (1999- 2001).

Others are mayor MutsindashyakaThéoneste (2001-2006), Kirabo Aissa Kacyira (2006-2011), NdayisabaFidèle(2011- 2016) andMukaruliza Monique (2016-2017).

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Nyamurinda Pascal who has been elected Kigali mayor.