Nyanza farm-gate milk suppliers claim to be cheated by vendors

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 16 September 2016 saa 08:42
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Farmers in Cyabakamyi sector, Nyanza district, have expressed their frustrations over people who collect their milk but never effect the payments.The farmers say some of the milk vendors decline to pay them claiming buyers to have found the milk unhealthy.

Nyiranzayino Donatha says that she has supplied milk to vendors under such circumstances for several times but has on several occasions not been paid.

“They collect milk from us promising to pay after selling it in Mpanda without making any agreements,” she said.

She explained that a liter costs between Rwf 140 and 160 and milk vendors sell at between Rwf 180 and 200.

“We are worried of milk vendors who return from market telling us that the milk went bad and rejected by buyers yet we give them fresh milk. They don’t even bring back the milk said to have gone sour. It happens that you can receive payments of only 50 among 100 liters supplied per month,” said another farmer Bucyensenge Daniel.

Uzabumugabo Jean Bosco, one of milk collectors, says that the long distance traveled to the market and high temperatures all do cause milk to go sour.

“It takes three hours from here to the market. It is not easy to deliver good after a long distance in a hot day,” he said.

The executive secretary of Cyabakamyi sector, Jean Marie Vianney Nkurikiyumukiza, has said that he is going to follow up the matter with milk vendors who do not pay farmers.

“Farmers with such cases should report the problem to me for follow up. We are going to talk to investors to buy milk from this region to save farmers from such losses.The district is expanding Nyanza milk collection center to receive a large quantities of milk,” he said.