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Nyanza resident arrested with three grenades
Published on 22-10-2016 - at 04:50' by IGIHE

A man identified as Zirimwabagabo Eric, 27, living in Katarara cell, Ntyazo sector of Nyanza district has been accused of keeping three grenades at the roof of his parents’ house.

The man was arrested Tuesday and took authorities to where grenades were hidden.
The mayor of Nyanza district, Ntazinda Erasme has told IGIHE that Zirimwabagabo was asked to show where he hid grenades, having been jailed in 2006 for throwing a grenade at a man he accused of stealing his bicycle.

“We have investigated him after receiving news that he may be hiding more grenades after he was jailed for throwing a grenade at a young man in 2006 over bicycle disputes. Fortunately the young man survived,” he said.

He explained that Zirimwabagabo was jailed for the offense but escaped the prison later.

“He was once jailed for two years, escaped, and arrested again and sentenced,” he said.

Mayor Ntazinda explained that the young man accepted to have obtained the grenades from Burundi soldiers who also taught him how they are used.
Zirimwabagabo is held at Busasamana police station in Nyanza district.



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