Nyarugenge: Artistes boost campaign against illicit drugs

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On 26 March 2017 saa 08:12
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As Rwandans came together this Saturday in a monthly community work commonly known as Umuganda, musicians, comedians and gospel singers under their umbrella ‘Anti-crime Ambassadors’ joined residents of Nyarugenge District where they raised their voices to protect the young generation against illicit drugs.

The anti-drugs campaign followed Umuganda held in Nyarugenge Sector and brought together about 3000 residents, and members of Rwanda youth volunteers in community policing,

Through their performances and talents, the artistes who also include movie actors, producers and journalists, called upon the youth to pursue their dreams in education and other development activities rather than wasting their future in abusing drugs.

Muyombo Thomas known by stage name as Tom Close, said that their music is meant for safer and heathy people.

“Our voice should be your voice...to save the Rwandan society from illicit drugs and to partner with the police to ensure that dealers and known and arrested,” Tom Close said.

The anti-crime ambassadors have a unique partnership with Rwanda National Police to partner in various policing fields of crime prevention, raising awareness against drug-related crimes, human trafficking, radicalisation, gender based violence and child abuse.

Other areas of partnership include promoting community policing initiatives of real time information on anti criminal activities, neighbourhood watch activities, environmental protection, protection and promotion of the rights of vulnerable groups, and active involvement in government development programmes.

The mayor of Nyarugenge, Kayisime Nzaramba said that drug dealers, beside being a crime, undermines the country’s safety and health programmes as they influence crime and hazardous to users.

She advisor d them to venture in legal business and boost the national employment and poverty alleviation programme commonly known as Hanga Umurimo.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Celestin Twahirwa, the commissioner for community policing in RNP, noted that Nyarugenge is one of the areas where drug related crimes are still high and called for continued collaboration to reverse the trend.

Close to 800kgs of cannabis were seized in Nyarugenge in the last two weeks alone.

“Partnership and effective and real time information sharing with you the public, and strengthened operations have played a significant part in breaking chains of drug supply. We need this to be everyone’s responsibility to fight drugs where you walk or leave,” he said.

He urged them to be the eye and ears of their neighborhoods and call the police whenever they witness drug dealers and abusers.