Ongoing clashes in Barak Al-Shati airbase in southern Libya

Published by Libya Express
On 2 January 2017 saa 02:20
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The spokesman of the Third Force of the Government of National Accord and which is tasked to secure the south, Mohamed Glewan, said they are circling the airbase of Barak Al-Shati, where a force pro-Haftar’s Operation Dignity is positioned, led by Muhammed Ben Nayel.

The Third Force was in control of the airbase before they withdrew in December 2016 and pro-Haftar forces led by Ben Nayel took control aiming at positioning themselves in the south then waging war all the way down to Tripoli.

Sources from the media said there are now clashes on Sunday evening between the Third force and the forces led by Ben Nayel.

Ben Nayel was a military man in the time of Gaddafi regime, then he was captured in 2014-2015 by the Third Force in the south, but later he was released after mediation. His war on the Third force nowadays is double interest. He wants to revenge on his prisoners- the Third Force – and he wants to show loyalty to his fellow military man, Khalifa Haftar, according to analysts.