Our politics has changed for better-Kagame

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On 30 July 2017 saa 02:06
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The RPF Inkotanyi flag bearer, President Paul Kagame who was accompanied by the First Lady Jeannette Kagame, told the people of Rusizi that in the past 23 years, the country’s politics has changed for the best and people in all positions of leadership are now focused on the interests of all Rwandans.

Kagame who was campaigning in Nyakabuye Sector of Rusizi District, addressed residents from at least 7 sectors.

At the rally held near the famous hot springs (amashyuza), the incumbent said that his government will strive to ensure that every Rwandan has access to electricity in their home, saying that this is a right for everyone.

At the rally, he elaborated the country’s governance system, saying that the Rwandan approach to politics is to deliver what best suits Rwandans and their aspirations.

"The kind of politics we have now is new compared to what we had 23 years ago. The politics we currently have brought us together, one that promotes unity and for us, that is the kind of democracy we know and it works for us,” Kagame said.

He added that the last 23 years have been about building a new Rwanda with a people united and geared towards prosperity.

He promised that casting a vote in favour of RPF during August polls will mean choosing continued development in all sectors.

"Our promises are not mere politicking. We have a record that we deliver on what we promise and will continue to work with you to ensure all that is in our manifesto is delivered," President Kagame noted.

The ultimate aim of RPF, he saidm, is to create as many opportunities as possible to ensure no Rwandan is left behind in the journey to prosperity.