Over 1000 nurses, midwives fail accreditation exams, cite malice

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On 16 June 2017 saa 12:34
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Nurses and midwives have expressed concern over the standards of accreditation tests which are not related to their profession, leading to massive failures from joining the association of nurses and midwives, limiting their employment opportunities and or promotion.

The accreditation tests are prepared by the Association of Nurses and Midwives. In the results released last week, only 171 (13%) of the 1231 practitioners passed to join the association.

The exams were attended by nurses and midwives that completed the first university degree (A1).

Nurses and midwives who talked to the media attributed the failure to malice and complicated examinations beyond their education level.

“They gave us tough exams beyond our education level that we all left the room complaining,” said Mushimiyimana Angeline who has been a nurse for 20 years.

“We performed well at our respective schools but the accreditation exams were very complicated,” said another nurse with 14 years of service.

Others expressed frustrations that the accreditation examinations are not related to the country’s curricula suspecting them to be copied from internet. They prayed thatacquiring accreditation in the association of nurses and midwives should be based on experience other than written exams.

The Secretary General of nurses and midwives, Julie Kimonyo explained that the accreditation exams are picked from schools’ curricula.

“A patient can’t select who to cure him/her. All patients must be cured by professionals with adequate knowledge and skills who can’t put their lives at risk. Such exams are prepared from their curricula and are related to their career,” he said.