Over 18,000 people given access to clean water in Bugesera

On 16 November 2017 at 10:27

A total of 18,000 people from Musenyi Sector of Bugesera District have been given access to clean water following the inauguration of ‘Improvement of Access to Safe Water Project’ in the district.

Implemented by a local non-governmental organisation, Rwanda Environmental Conservation Organisation (RECOR), the project was sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Rwanda at a cost of $74,150.

Under the project, two water kiosks and 30 bamboo water tanks were newly constructed.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony this Wednesday, the ambassador of Japan to Rwanda, Takayuki Miyashita said he was delighted to see the water kiosks and water tanks being constructed successfully, and the people in the area using them properly.

“Before the implementation of this project, only 69% of the residents in the project areas was able to access to clean water” he said

“Now this project enables more than 18,000 people in Musenyi sector to access to safe and clean water while reducing the time spent on water drawing labour. This will lead to women’s participation in income generating activities and allow children to have time to go to school” he added

The Vice-mayor in charge of Social Affairs of Bugesera District, Priscille Uwiragiye thanked the support saying that it will change lives of residents.

She requested Bugesera residents to ensure sustainability of infrastructure given to them urging to start development activities.

“You should own these activities by ensuring their security as they will help you in development. This is a good gesture from both countries’ relationship” she said.

Speaking on behalf of beneficiaries, Agnes Nirere, a Bugesera resident said that as they were given access clean to water, their children will no longer suffer from malnutrition and warm diseases

“We will be able to watering our kitchen gardens as a way to avoid malnutrition among our families. Children will also be able to concentrate in class as they will not spend much time going to fetch water” she said.

Bugesera Vice-Mayor in charge of Social Affairs, Priscille Uwiragiye (R) and Ambassador Takayuki (2nd R) during the inauguration of two water kiosks and 30 bamboo water tanks
Ambassador Takayuki (R) and Uwiragiye inaugurate water kiosk
Under the project, 30 bamboo water tanks were newly constructed
Bugesera residents start to fetch clean water from kiosks