Over 30,000 TIGists undocumented

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On 8 June 2017 saa 04:09
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The Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST) has revealed that over 30,000 convicts in Community Service for Prisoners (TIG) went missing and have no information of their whereabouts.

This was revealed yesterday during a consultative meeting bringing together officials from the judiciary sectors and senators from political commission and good governance in discussions concerning Community Service for Prisoners.

It was disclosed that 84,896 people were handed punishment of Community Service for Prisoners but only 48,758 completed the punishment, 403 are continuing service, 352 died while 4,043 convicts fled the Community Service for Prisoners.

Some of them escaped having started community service while over 30,000 never appeared in TIG.

The Rwanda Correctional Service Commissioner General sent files of 1000 among the missing people to MINIJUST, prosecution and police to be tracked and returned for finalization of their punishment.

Evode Uwizeyimana, the Minister of State in charge of Constitutional and Legal Affairs in MINIJUST explained that escapees include people convicted in Gacaca courts.

“We have reported over 30,000 people who went missing and others were in some cases handed punishments in absentia and have since never appeared. We have reported the matter to concerned bodies to hunt and return those people to finalize TIG,” he said.

“They were convicted but not held in custody. So, we had no rope tied to them barring their movements. They have escaped but concerned bodies are hunting them because their files are available,” he said.

The president of senate political commission and good governance, Jean Nepomuscѐne Sindikubwabo said that the matter of missing convicts is complicated and requires enough efforts to be brought back to finalize punishment.

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Senators from political commission and good governance in discussions yesterday
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Officials from the judiciary sectors in discussions concerning Community Service for Prisoners with senators from political commission and good governance.