Over 300 gender violence cases registered in 2017

On 23 December 2017 at 03:14

Police have has received a total of 320 people including 319 women and one man who faced gender based violence in this year.

The statistics were revealed Friday in Kigali at the women training that was aimed at fighting all forms of violence facing women.

The training was organized by the City of Kigali in partnership with the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (Migeprof).

Speaking at the training, the Deputy Commissioner for Public Relations, Media and Protocol at Rwanda National Police (RNP), CSP Lynder Nkuranga said that 90% of violence victims are women.

She said that RNP received 320 cases of people who faced ‘forced sexual intercourse’ from January to November and only one was a man. She said they received 687 assault cases. She added that they received 83 cases of murder, among the victims, 59 were women. She added that they received 112 cases of abortion.

Considering the statistics revealing a lot bigger number of cases reported by women, Nkuranga urged men to overcome shyness and report violence whenever they face it.

Chantal Umutesi, one of the women who shared testimonies during the training, said that men also face violence though they decide to keep quiet.

Citing example of an official in her community, she said that his wife mistreated him and neglected to do her duties at home.

“After giving birth, she refused to breastfeed her baby, something that shocked her husband. She also refused to do any home chores like cooking and that inflicted her husband,” she said.

Kicukiro District Vice-mayor in charge of finance and economic development, Emmanuel Bayingana urged participants in the training to report all forms of violence so that they can be uprooted from the society.

CSP Lynder Nkuranga