Over 300 observers in Rwanda for elections monitoring

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On 13 July 2017 saa 11:00
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Over three hundred election observers from different parts of the world are monitoring the 2017 Presidential election campaigns that began Friday 14th, 2017.

Prof Kalisa Mbande the President of the National Election Commission (NEC) has told the media since the candidates are campaigning; the observers have begun to perform their duty.

“There are observers monitoring the elections, while others are following up the campaigns deeds. Now we have over 307 from different Africa, Asia, as well as Europe. Over 10% are foreigners.

Just like how it was in 2010, the EU in May this year said that it will not send an observer mission to Rwanda since they had sent them to other countries holding elections.

When Prof Kalisa was reminded he replied that all observers have where they’re assigned to go but they can still visit other places but are not allowed to make a report.

“Except, every candidate or independent political party is allowed to have a minimum of one observer.” He explained

NEC established 2,326 polling sites, while the polling stations will are 16,018 where voters will cast their votes.

Election campaigns kicked-off on Friday, July 14th and will concluded on August 3rd a day before the Rwandan make their choice.

Three candidates campaigning are: Incumbent President Paul Kagame representing FPR Inkontanyi, Dr. Frank Habinenza from the Democratic Green Party and Phillippe Mpayimana