Over 3000 primary students drop out of school in Ngororero

On 6 February 2018 at 11:58

Students estimated between 3000-4000 from different Primary schools in Ngororero District have dropped of schools due to different reasons including involvement in mining activities.

The numbers were revealed by the Director of Education in Ngororero District, Protogène Niyonsenga while speaking to officials from the Ministry of Education yesterday in an ongoing outreach education promotion programme.

“In a total of 85,000 students from Primary Schools in the district, between 3000 and 4000 have dropped of schools,” he said.

Groupe Scholaire Bwira head teacher, Jean Marie Vianney Nkunzebose told IGIHE that some students drop of school due to the long distance from schools and their homes while others go to work in mining quarries.

“We have 186 school dropouts. There are different reasons like poor mindsets among parents where they do not encourage children to attend to school. Students also travel miles from home to school and discourage them. We have some students from Rutsiro District who travel eight miles,” he said adding that some students use to go to fetch minerals in Mukura Park.

He said that they have issued a list of students who have dropped out of schools and they will partner with other institutions to take them back to school.

“This is a problem that requires support at all levels. The next step is to collaborate with related institutions including Police and Army to take them back to school,” he said.

Under the two-week long campaign that will be conducted in 600 schools from across the country, the Ministry of Education will inspect different things that hamper education sector like use of drugs in schools, poor management of school resources and unwanted pregnancies among others.