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Over 3000 sex abuse cases recorded in 2015
Published on 2-07-2016 - at 09:25' by Théophile Niyitegeka

A total of 3,294 sex abuse and 74 human trafficking cases were recorded from 2015 to March 2016 as confirmed by the police boss, IGP Emmanuel Gasana.

The IGP revealed this last week on Thursday as various institutions of the government discussed the state of human trafficking, drugs, sex abuse and domestic violence in Rwanda.

Of the 3,294 cases of sex abuse, 1965 were analyzed and transferred to courts, 1,119 dismissed for lack of evidence while 208 are being investigated.

On the other hand, 30 out of 74 reported human trafficking cases were transferred to courts, 37 dismissed for lack evidence, while 6 remaining cases are under investigation.

Among cases transferred to courts, 1674 people were convicted of sex abuse while 325 were proven innocent. Only 14 cases of 30 human trafficking transferred to courts were concluded leaving 7 people convicted while 7 suspects were proven innocent.
IGP Emmanuel Gasana said that they have put in concerted efforts to address such human trafficking and sex abuse.

“There are political and security matters. Political matters can be solved by political involvement while others can be solved through foreign cooperation including small arms. However, we can address the matter of sex abuse through our good judicial system and polcies,” he said.

The Minister of Local Government, Francis Kaboneka who also attended the discussions said that human trafficking should not be allowed to spring in Rwanda since it didn’t even take place in the country during the slavery period.

The Minister of Justice, Johnston Busingye said that some of today’s problems can be solved in families.

Rwanda has embarked on discussions among various institutions aimed at fighting against drug dealings, human trafficking and violence as well as increasing rehabilitation centers for violated individuals like One Stop Center.

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Parliamentarians attending discussions last week



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