Over 65,000 senior six leavers start civic education

On 6 January 2018 at 03:26

At least 65,000 senior six leavers across the country are expected to start civic education programme on Saturday.

Locally known as Itorero, the programme intends to equip the youth with Rwandan culture and good values.

Speaking to IGIHE on Saturday, the National Itorero Commission (NIC) Chairperson, Edouard Bamporiki said they expect 65,000 people to attend though the number can reduce due to different reasons like sickness and negligence.

He said the week-long programme will take place at 115 sites across the country.

He said during this year’s civic education and National Service locally known as Urugerero, the youth will participate in different hygiene and sanitation activities.

“We shall focus on hygiene. We wish to end the problem of toilets shortage as statistics show that there are Rwandans who do not have toilets. Participants will be sensitised about the value of hygiene, and when they start National Service, they will implement what they will have acquired,” said Bamporiki adding that they will teach the youth how to fight against drugs and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Bamporiki said the programme will benefit poor households by developing vegetable gardens for them. It will also help conserve the environment by planting trees.

He said the programme will introduce ‘camped national service’ this year, contrary to the previous sessions when the youth used to do the service while staying at home.

Camped national service

This year’s Camping National Services will take one month at the District level. It is expected that 15,000 and 416 people will participate in the camps at district and national levels respectively.

Participants will be selected based on their performance during the civic education programme and national service at the village level.

Bamporiki said that they will receive a small number due to resource constraints but there are plans for all senior six graduates to attend the camps.

“Our current resources do not allow us to take a big number of students but in the future, we wish that every senior six leaver participates in this programme,” he said.

Plans to drop civic education

Bamporiki said that there are plans to drop civic education and replace it with National Service.

According to Bamporiki, skills that students acquire during a one-week civic education programme will be offered in schools.

“Things they learn throughout this week will be introduced in primary and secondary schools and school leavers will go straight to national service that contribute in the country’s development,” he said.

Bamporiki emphasized that basing on how the programme will have been implemented in the schools, the changes may start next year, “but I assure you that in 2020, no civic education programme will take place at the sites,” he said.

NIC chairperson, Edouard Bamporiki