Over 7000 public servants to acquire affordable houses

On 28 November 2018 at 12:30

Any worker is concerned about their own shelter, especially for those with a family who have to live by renting. They are also worried about their salary which they have to share with their landlord.

Last year, a search to identify public workers who needed support for affordable residential housing was announced. Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) says it is a comprehensive program that will as well benefit private sector workers earning at least Rwf200,000 per month.

In an exclusive interview with IGIHE, Leopold Uwimana, the Affordable Housing Division Manager at the Rwanda Housing Authority, said that public workers looking for houses are welcome.

"We started with public workers, but it is a program for every Rwandan citizen. We know that what is necessary is that applicants must have a way to pay back, but we counted over 6000 public workers,” he said.

RHA indicates that about 7113 workers, including those from private institutions and 800 individuals, have shown interest.

Uwimana further states that "Someone who is eligible for a house and pays back in installments at a minimum interest rate of 10%, is the one earning Rwf200,000 and Rwf1.2 million.

He said Rwf250 million will be injected in the ‘Affordable Housing Fund’. So far, he said, only Rwf150 million has been donated by the World Bank, but the government hopes that the fund may be operational in the next two months.

In linking workers to investors, Ndera Affordable Housing Project in Ndera Sector, Gasabo District, has already produced housing master plans for over 1700 houses for those who registered earlier.

The project is part of partnership agreements between BRD (Rwanda Development Bank), and Palmeraie Development Group, signed in 2016, when Moroccan King, Mohamed VI visited Rwanda.

In August 2018, BRD announced that the houses will be built in floors, including one house with two living rooms and one room for the laundry which will cost between Rwf27.3 and Rwf32.76 million.

The beneficiaries will pay for 5% of the shelter value as first installment a monthly payment of 40% of their monthly income.

Construction projects are expected to begin in January 2019.

According to RHA, today there is a plan to establish a system by which people may apply for houses online which will be done through Irembo website.

For Rwandans earning less than Rwf200,000 per month, Uwimana said that RHA encourage investors like Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB), to build a large number of affordable housings for rent and not for sale.

Rwanda has a great deal of investment opportunities in constructing houses for rent, and the government is helping investors to acquire land, and link them to buyers.