Pact Protectors in Musanze decorated with medals

On 2 February 2018 at 04:21

Eight Pact Protectors from Shingiro Sector of Musanze District have been decorated with medals and certificates of merit for the outstanding activities in saving lives of the hunted at the height of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The ceremony took place in Musanze District in line with the celebration of National Heroes Day on Thursday.

Speaking to IGIHE, some pact protectors said that it was difficult to save people due to many Interahamwe militias who were working to terminate the Tutsi.

“Saving lives of these people was not easy because this sector was home to many militias and civilian extremists. Today we are proud to receive these medals and we are committed to continue heroism activities by protecting the pact," said Pie Bizimana.

Félicité Nyiraneza blames fellow neighbors who lost humanity and left victims in the hands of killers.

“For women in particular, we know them as kind people in nature, but it is unfortunate to see my neighbors who did not care about people who were in trouble and didn’t even try to save one” she said.

“Today, as we commemorate our heroes’ activities, we should learn from them and pass heroism on to our descendants,” Nyiraneza added.

Northern Province Governor, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi called on Pact Protectors to continue heroism activities and impart the legacy to their children.

“These heroism activities should not be limited here. You should uphold them in your entire life and become role models; this should go to your children too. You should always have commendable activities so that you leave good legacy in your communities,” he said.

All decorated are: Elias Nibishaka, Phenias Murwanashyaka, Yokebed Nyirarukundo, Daniel Safari, Josephine Mukamunyana, Pie Bizimana, Félicité Nyiraneza and Canisius Segahoro.

Governor Gatabazi hands a certificate to one of pact protectors