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Palestine asks Africa Union support
Published on 18-07-2016 - at 09:23' by Théophile Niyitegeka

The president of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas has requested heads of states on African continent to strive for ending colonialism in his country that involves imprisonment of Palestinians.

President Mahmoud Abbas who yesterday attended the 27th African Union Summit held in Kigali as an observer has told African heads of states that African Union can help Palestine to free itself from Israel.

Israel ceded the position of acting as an observer in the African Union in 2002 and has recently requested to regain its position, a decision backed by Kenya and Ethiopia.

President Mahmoud commended Kagame for attained progress in the past 22 years after genocide against the Tutsi and expressed hope for African Union to help Palestine free from Israel’s tyranny.

“ I would like to appreciate the progress we have witnessed in Rwanda since we arrived in this beautiful country. I firstly visited Kigali memorial when I reached the country and paid tribute to victims of genocide .I would like also to congratulate President Paul Kagame for efforts and vigilance in maintaining peace and democracy in this country,” he said.

“We want to congratulate you all and value the invitation sent to us as a testimony of a historical relationship connecting Palestine and states of this continent. We hope your unity will continue to help Palestinians to regain its independence and sovereignty,“ added President Mahmoud.

He said that Palestinians need to leave extreme sufferings experienced for 68 years to put an end to 49 years since Israel conquered part of Palestine’s land which resulted in refuge of more than 6 million Palestinians.

President Mahmoud said that Palestinians wish to be living in harmony with neighbors through peaceful processes by respecting international decisions and guidelines of granting peace.

“ It won’t be attained as long as Israel remains on the land of Palestine occupied since 1967,” he said.

“Israel considers itself a country above international laws and so continues imprisoning thousands of Palestinians. Isreal has to respect a holy land for Christians and Muslims. All these acts of Israel are against laws and put our youth in despair,” added President Mahmoud.

He said that such disrespect has persisted despite efforts of United States, Russia, France and European Union to restore peace in the region.

He lauded the commitment of African leaders to strive for having peace and as well as vision 2063.

“We are ready to cooperate with you in all sectors since we have expertise which can bring mutual benefits regarding political cooperation with this continent.We already have development achievements in technology and agriculture among others from the cooperation with Unites States,” he said.

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The president of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas


he is a terrorist and not the president of Palestine : that stat does not exist

Répondre19.07.2016 à 02:42

he is a terrorist and not the president of Palestine : that state does not exist

Répondre19.07.2016 à 02:42

what did this terrorist do in this very important Heads of African conference; he is not the president of Palestine : that state don’t exist

Répondre18.07.2016 à 09:59


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