Parents taken through benefits of ‘Nootri’ flour

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 15 May 2017 saa 03:30
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African Improved Food company processing various kinds of nutritious flour for porridge has joined mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day and took them through health benefits of ‘Nootri’ mixed flour to the growth of children.

The event which took place on Saturday in Kigali city was attended by mothers of different generations who received extra services including treating their nails and massage while children were given ample space for entertainment.

Parents received explanations on their role in 1000 days during child growth with emphasis on proper nutrition.

They were introduced to two typpes of flour including ‘Nootri mama ‘dedicated to pregnant mothers and ‘Nootri Toto’ reserved for children of six months and above.The latter is rich in nutrients that better child growth while the mother maintains good health.

Mothers who attended the ceremony expressed delight over the knowledge acquired.

“It is a very good act for having thought about us and invited us with our children. I will start buying my children this flour,” said Umwali Doreen, a mother of two.

Mukamisha Jeanne d’Arc, another mother said; “They have quality flour better than the one we have been using. I have checked ingredients and discovered that it has many nutrients. For instance the [Nootri Toto] is made of milk, sugar and can help us avoid diabetes risks.”

The president of Rwanda Nutritionists’ Society, Muhamyankaka Venuste said the flour is rich in nutrients with mineral salt, among others which can solve the matter of lacking strength and shortage of blood for mothers and children.

The country director of AIF in Rwanda, Prosper Ndayiragije said they are committed to involvement in improving good nutrition among Rwandans and reduce stunted growth among children.

“Our objective is to offer diets full of nutritious ingredients using our made in Rwanda flours. Our goals will be attained by reducing the number of children with stunted growth,” he said.

Apart from ‘Nootri mama’ and ‘Nootri Toto’, AIF processes other types of flour including ‘Shisha Kibondo’ offered to children from the first and second Ubudehe category and ‘Super’ manufactured for World Food Program. All of the flours are made from soya and maize among other foods.

AIF is expected to produce 45,000 tons of Nootri flour per annum in support of combating malnutrition among children countrywide.

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Children were given ample space for entertainment
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Mothers enjoyed free massage
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The country director of AIF in Rwanda, Prosper Ndayiragije with both female artists Charly and Ninana presenting brands of manufactured flour.
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Female artist Charly also entertained participants during the celebration of Mother’s Day.
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Artist Nina entertained participants of Mother’s Day
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The country director of AIF in Rwanda, Prosper Ndayiragije