Parents urged to prevent children from playing in water bodies

Published by Police
On 19 January 2017 saa 12:26
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Rwanda National Police (RNP) has called on parents to always keep a close eye on their children and prevent them from playing in and around water bodies as a preventive measure against drowning.

The call comes in a wake of five children who drown in lakes and dams in separate incidents that occurred on January 17.

Of the five incidents, four occurred in the Eastern Region.

Some of the children, the youngest aged eight years, were at the time swimming, according to police.

Reacting to the incidents, the Eastern Region Police Spokesperson Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi appealed to families residing near these water bodies to be conscious and take precaution to prevent children from playing in lakes, rivers and dams.

“Drowning takes no minute, and children are the most vulnerable. It is crucial to also teach the young ones the dangers associated with playing in and around water bodies like lakes, rivers, dams and wells,” he said.

He noted that in some cases, children are left unattended or caretakers don’t follow up on the whereabouts of the children, which can as well lead to reckless behaviours including playing in such dangerous places.