Peaceful polls in Somalia would be victory against al-Shabab – AMISOM

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On 18 August 2016 saa 03:31
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The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has stated that it was fully prepared to support security efforts as Somalia heads into its major election later this year.

AMISOM who are largely fighting against al-Shabab insurgents in the country said a successful election would signal a two way victory. One against the insurgents and also victory for the African Union and the wider international community.

The mission in a series of tweets tasked citizens home and abroad to play a more crucial role in security initiatives because that was the only way that al-Shabab could be degraded and defeated.

AMISOM said it will work very closely with the Somali Army, Police & National Intelligence and Security Agency to ensure security for the election. It also stressed its commitment to support the government and Somali national forces in securing the election.

The head of the electoral body, Omar Mohamed Abdulle, announced that the election of 275-member Lower House will be from September 24 to October 10 while the election of Upper House should be completed by September 25.

More than 14,000 delegates representing Somalia clans will cast their votes for members of the Lower House, while the regional states will select the members of the Upper House.

The incumbent Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud is among dozens of candidates vying for the post of president, and will be elected by new lawmakers.

The term of the president expires on September 10, but according to a source, the speaker of parliament has approved a new resolution agreed by the national leaders forum to extend the term for the president until election day in October.