Pentecostal church intensifies anti-narcotics drive in Rubavu

Published by Police
On 30 August 2016 saa 01:06
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The ADEPR Pentecostal church in Rubavu extended its anti-drug abuse campaign to the parishes of Kanembwe and Mbugangari parishes, on August 28.

The Pentecostal church has for the past one month been holding series of anti drug abuse campaigns through crusades and processions to rally its followers and the public in general against the vice.

The campaign on Sunday attracted about 1800 people mainly the youth in a one-kilometre walk to raise the flag high against drug abuse.

The event followed similar ones help by the church in Gatovu, Bugeshi, Mahoko, Gisenyi, Kanzenze, Mudende, Nyamyumba and Rugerero parishes.

While addressing the the people shortly after the walk, the Rubavu District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) Inspector of Police (IP) Solange Nyiraneza tutored them about several laws criminalizing narcotics in Rwanda.

she enlightened them on the ministerial order nº20/35 of 09/6/2015 determining unauthorized drinks and other controlled substances classified as narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors saying that the outlawed substances affects one’s thinking and productivity thus affecting the nation.

Rubavu is said to be one of the major routes for drug traffickers.

The DCLO also said that the common substances including Kanyanga, Blue Sky, Kitoko, Chief Waragi and Host Waragi, among other banned gin in Rwanda.

“Such campaigns not only help in crime prevention but also making communities safer and develop fast…continuing with this same trend will reduce crimes related to drug abuse,” said the DCLO.

The representative of ADEPR-Rubavu, Antoine Ruberwa said, “our church principles have a close connection with Rwanda National Police mandate of crime prevention… we found it necessary to go beyond the church and take the campaigns to the general public in order to preserve the safety and security of Rwandans.”

The Executive Secretary of Rubavu Sector, Clarisse Imanizabayo also thanked the church and encouraged members to keep up the momentum saying that public safety is a responsibility of everyone.

“Besides the campaigns, you should always share timely information with the police whenever you encounter anyone violating the laws,” she said.