Police Arrests Man over Manslaughter

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On 30 December 2012 saa 06:48
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Police in Rwamagana District yesterday at 10:00hrs, arrested Hakizimana Jean Damascene for assaulting Nzayisenga Fabrice 12 years while collecting firewood from the farm.

Hakizimana who is currently held at Nzige police Police Station is a guardian in a cattle farm in Mutamwa cell, and was alleged to have seriously injured Fabrice who was on the run in the hunt of firewood for domestic purposes.

While he penetrated stealthily in one of the neighboring farms, and started fetching some woods, Hakizimana tried to stop him, after which the duo exchanged some unfriendly words.

While Fabrice was in process of escaping from Hakizimana, he was hit by a flying stick that the latter threw to him.

The victim sustained serious injuries on his head and was taken to Rwamagana hospital where he later died.

According to Police investigations, Hakizimana J.Damascene, attacked Nzayisenga Fabrice with a stick, apparently accusing him of stealing firewood in the farm.

“Damascene engaged himself in problems for overlooking the law, when he could have avoided hitting carelessly Fabrice with a thrown stick and rather reports him to police or other competent authorities.

That act is regrettable and irrelevant as it was disproportional with the abrupt intrusion in the farm by the young boy.

The Rwamagana District Police Commander (DPC), Chief Inspector of Police CIP Richard Rubagumya, called upon the community to avoid taking justice matters into their own hands as the principle of law stipulates that “no one ought to render justice for himself.”

The Organic Law instituting the Penal Code in its article 157 stipulates that any person who causes death of another person without intention shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of six (6) months to two (2) years and a fine of five hundred thousand (500, 000) to two million (2,000,000) Rwandan francs or one of these penalties.