Police Arrests Woman for Killing Own Brother

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On 25 November 2012 saa 07:40
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Police in Rubavu District is holding a woman identified as Josiane Mukashema for allegedly killing her own brother Jean Batiste Ndererimana.

The incident took place yesterday in Nyabagobe village, Nengo Cell in Gisenyi sector.

It is alleged that, the suspect used a knife to stab in her brother’s chest before he breathed his last.

He died few minutes later while on the way to Gisenyi Hospital.

Police investigations in Rubavu say Mukashema had grudges where the later reportedly cut off former’s electricity.

The investigation further says that the misconduct of the deceased caused anger to his sister until she killed him.

The 32 year old Suspect and mother of five, confessed to the crime but claimed she had no intention of murdering her brother.

“It was just an accident caused by failure to control my anger,” said Mukashema.

Superintendent Urbain Mwiseneza, theWestern Province Spokesperson condemned the act calling residents to avoid excess anger that normally results into loss of lives.

“People should not take justice in their hands, but rather resolve conflicts peacefully and where not possible bring their complaints to institutions entrusted to follow up these cases like police and courts,” said Mwiseneza.

Mukashema (suspect) has committed battery and caused bodily injuries which result into death.

If convicted, the suspect shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of ten (10) years to fifteen (15) years according to the Penal Code.