Police denounces news of Ugandan businessman abduction

By John Mbaraga
On 21 November 2017 at 03:30

Police have denounced news that were circulating in Ugandan media saying that Ugandan Businessman identified as Justus Tweyogyere has been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen at Gatuna border post while he was at Rwandan side of the border.

The Observer, a Ugandan based media house wrote that Tweyogyere was kidnapped on Monday at around 2pm after depositing Rwf40 million at Bank of Kigali, Gatuna Branch

However, according to the Police spokesperson, ACP Theos Badege, circulating news was based on unawareness of the actual truth of what happened and unawareness of laws.

He said that Tweyogyere had defied Rwanda National Bank’s cross border cash declaration directives.

The article 3 of FIU Directive No 01/2017 of 02/10/2017 on Cross Border Cash declaration states that the amount of money or the value of the negotiable instruments that a person is allowed to carry leaving or entering the territory or Republic of Rwanda without need to make declaration shall not exceed ten thousand American Dollar (USD10,000) or equivalent thereof in other currencies.

Article 4 of FIU Directive No 01/2017 of 02/10/2017 also states that any person leaving or entering the territory of the Republic of Rwanda transporting the amount of cash or negotiable instruments whose value exceeding the ceiling prescribed in article 3 of this Directive shall declare it to the competent staff

According to Badege , Tweyogyere crossed the border from Uganda to Rwanda with Rwf40 million (around USD47,000) non-declared.

Badege said that crossing the border with such amount of money led Police to suspicion of involvement in money laundering.

“So, what the Police did was to ask him for more explanation about the reason why he didn’t declare such amount of money” he said.

According to Badege, Tweyogyere explained to Police that he is a regular money exchanger between Kabale-Gatuna and Kigali where he deposits the money at Gatuna based bank and get dollars from Kigali based Forex bureau.

“Police requested him receipts from Forex bureau, but he failed to present them. So, he and Police came to Kigali to confirm whether he works with these Forex bureaus,” Badege explained adding Police wanted to confirm whether the businessman was genuine in his statements.

“He was neither kidnapped nor arrested, it was just law enforcement exercise done by law enforcers. They left him freely, he is now doing his daily businesses” he noted

Speaking to IGIHE while at Gatuna, Tweyogyere also denounced the news about his kidnap saying after failing to present supporting documents of transactions he made, police wanted to clarify the suspicion upon him.

“They advised me to ask for a receipt for every transaction I made” that’s how it all ended.

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