Police displays recovered stolen items for owners’ collection

Published by Police
On 15 January 2017 saa 02:59
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Rwanda National Police (RNP) calls upon members of the public, who have fallen victims of theft, especially in the City of Kigali to go to Kimironko Police station to check if their missing items are among those that have been recovered.

At least 47 types of electronics have been recovered in various police operations conducted in the City of Kigali.

They include 106 television sets including 65 flat screens, 87 computers, 129 smart phones and 139 home theaters.

Others include ipads, DVD players, cameras, decoders and scanners.

RNP deputy spokesperson, Chief Supt. Lynder Nkuranga said that the recovered items are displayed at Kimironko police station showroom, where they can be accessed in working hours from Monday to Thursday.

“We urge claimants to come with valid supporting documents of rightful ownership as a prerequisite. It would be impossible for someone to claim ownership of an item and yet they can’t even prove it in one way or another,” said Chief Supt. Nkuranga.

She was also quick to appeal to the general public to always buy from legal stores, keep receipts and other particulars of the procured equipment, and always be quick to report the theft for immediate response.

"People should know that buying things on black markets comes with its consequences like buying a stolen item which also makes you an accomplice, and finding it hard to prove that the recovered equipment actually belong to you."