Police holds two over Nyaruguru Murder

Published by IGIHE
On 21 July 2017 saa 09:12
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Two male suspects are in police custody suspected of hacking a 39-year-old Ladislas Nzarubara a resident of Ramba cell in Ramba sector Nyaruguru district on Wednesday, July 18th.

Nzarubara whose body was found on the roadside is said to have been killed by the two men after they clashed in a brawl over a girl in a bar they were drinking from.
Police spokesperson in Southern Province IP Emmanuel Kayigi confirmed to IGIHE that the two men are under policy custody over suspected murder.

“We arrested the two men on suspicion of crime after witnesses told us that the two suspects followed the deceased after getting embroiled in an argument over a girl in a bar where they were drinking from.” IP Kayigi told IGIHE

The people who witnessed the brawl in the bar also claimed the two suspects could have killed him since they followed him when everyone in the bar thought everything had ended.

According to investigations carried by Police, it has also been revealed that a murder weapon belonging to one of the suspects was recovered by police in his house with stains of blood after they unsuccessfully washed off the blood.

The two whoare being held at Mata police post while the deceased’s body was taken Munini hospital for post-mortem.