Police in Rulindo District intercepts a vehicle loaded with banned illicit gin

Published by Police
On 27 August 2016 saa 02:37
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The Toyota Dyna plate number RAB 311R was intercepted on August 25. It was at the time found carrying five dozens of Blue Sky, 101 dozens of Kitoko Waragi, 70 dozens of Kick Waragi and 82 litres of Kanyanga, all banned gin and classified as narcotics in Rwanda.

According to the Northern Region Police Spokesperson, Inspector of Police (IP) Innocent Gasasira, the vehicle was stopped at around 9:00pm by officers on duty, after information provided by people, who were versed with the illegal act.

“The driver managed to escape leaving the vehicle and narcotics behind, but investigations are still underway to locate and arrest him, especially that we now know all his particulars,” Gasasira said.

The vehicle has since been impounded and taken to Ntarabana police stations.

“We thank residents that provide us with information about drug traffickers and suspected criminals in general; smugglers too should know that we know all the tricks and their maneuvers and advise them to stop,” said IP Gasasira.

Similarly, on the same day, in Rutsiro District, Murunda sector, Kirwa cell, Police conducted a targeted operation and seized 2350 litres of illegal brew.

The illicit brew was poured in presence of residents, where messages on fighting drug abuse were also delivered.

In Nyarugunga Sector of Nyaruguru District, police arrested Athanasie Nayigiziki in possession of 280 litres of illicit brews.