Police issues tough warning against owners of stray dogs

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On 24 April 2017 saa 07:46
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The Rwanda National Police (RNP) has called upon owners of dogs to take appropriate measures to prevent them from roaming in communities where they are likely to cause insecurity.

The call follows an incident on April 23 in Simbi Sector of Huye District where a dog belonging to one Venuste Nyandwi attached and injured three children aged between three and eight years.

The children were saved by residents, who managed to kill the dog.

The victims were rushed to Simbi health center where they are receiving medical attention.

“It’s quite unfortunate that there are people who have ignored repeated call to restrain their pets,” said Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Andre Hakizimana, the police spokesperson for the Southern region.

“We call upon owners of dog to confine and control them,” he added.

“There are clear laws under which a dog should be handled…If you own a dog, you are required to keep it indoor or leash it when walking with it,” he added.

“Under no circumstances should a dog be left to roam in communities unattended to; it must be under full control of its owner or chained and held by an accountable and mature person.”

“We have devised stringent measures against such stray dogs as the law specifies; we are working with local veterinary doctors and local authorities to come up with a remedy against stray and mad dogs, including killing them where necessary,” he noted.

The ministerial order No. 009/11.30 of 18/11/2010 on animal husbandry especially in its articles 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, underlines the requirements and procedures to own a dog, penalties to owners of abandoned dogs and action taken against stray dogs, including killing them.