Police recover laptops stolen from school in Gasabo

On 21 December 2017 at 04:38

Police in Gasabo District have recovered four laptops, which are among those stolen from Groupe Scolaire Gisozi, last week.

Suspected thieves broke into the computer laboratory of the school in the night of December 17, and stole seven laptops.

Police spokesperson for the City of Kigali, Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu, said that two people including a student at the same school, found with the four recovered laptops, are currently in Police custody.

“During investigations, Police in Gisozi received information from a resident reporting a teenager, who was trying to sell him a laptop, and was suspicious that boy could have stolen it somewhere,” said Supt. Hitayezu.

“When officers apprehended the boy, he was cooperative; he identified his accomplice identified as Viateur Habinshuti, who was found with three others. Investigations have identified one of the people that bought one of the laptops from these suspects,” he added.

“This is part of the overall crackdown on both electronic thieves and dealers in stolen electronics. Investigations are also following leads on the theft of other seven laptops stolen from another school in Kicukiro, last month,” he said.

Last week, police handed over some of the electronics including computers and television sets to rightful owners, after they were recovered from suspected thieves, who were also arrested.

“In the two cases of theft of computers in the schools in Gisozi and Kicukiro, there is suspected involvement of students within those schools, who are conversant with everything and connive with other people to break-in to steal various items especially electronics. Investigations have also revealed that some schools have left no security after their break off for holidays, which is also risky,” Supt. Hitayezu said.