Police recovers 540kgs of stolen cassiterite in Rulindo

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On 28 July 2017 saa 01:08
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Police in the Northern region, of Migendezo Cyunuzi Sector on Wednesday carried out an operation that led to the recovery of stolen items that were reported stolen from the Concession owned by Rutongo Mining Company.

The stolen items are 540kgs of cassiterite minerals.

The main suspect was identified as Elias Habanabakize aged 28, a resident of Miegendezp Cell in Cyunuzi Sector. He is currently detained at Murambi Police station pending further investigations.

Police spokesperson for the Northern Province , Inspector of Police (IP) Innocent Gasasira, said: “The management of Rutongo Mining Company reported the theft earlier that day (July 26), and investigations were launched immediately.”

“We later received information about a man (Habanabakize) in the same area said to be involved in illegal mineral dealings. Investigators went to his house where actually the minerals were recovered, and the suspect immediately was taken into custody,” he added.

It is said that the minerals were stolen by one of the employees of the mining company, who is still at large, and sold them to Habanabakize.

“Investigations are still underway to apprehend anyone involved in this particular theft. In the same way, Habanabakize will also be charged with unlawful mineral dealings, since he’s not a licensed dealer,” said Gasasira.

Article 438 of the penal code, stipulates that; Any person who undertakes illegal speculation or illegally carries out commercial activities in valuable minerals, shall be liable to imprisonment of six months to one year and a fine of up to Rwf10 million.